Just wanted to send out a quick thank you to everyone who’s been following and sharing my work. I’ve been painting loads lately and I have more exciting stuff in the pipeline, so please do stay tuned.

"Top here. Please be slim"

"Bear. Chubby. Bearded."

rollinstonin said: I hope you post more soon! I've missed your drawings!! <3

Aw thanks! I’m on a bit of a roll and I’ve actually got a backlog of stuff finally, expect more soon.

1mhuman said: How can I submit a photo?

Hey, check out the submit page here: http://grindrillustrated.com/submit

I kinda hid the link in my contact section!



Q. Do you sleep with everyone you paint?

A. Nope. In fact, I rarely meet any of my subjects face-to-face.

Q. Will you paint me nude/in person?

A. Sorry, I don't think I take myself seriously enough to do either of those things. Plus, my mom reads this.



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